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Smart or Intelligent locker systems are growing widely used by Supply Chain personnel and Information Technology as automated configuration solutions for supplies and equipment. Automating offering of equipment and accessible optimizes the potency level of employees and the activities that support them. 'Furnace Solutions' modular asset control locker platform gives a centralized immediate, and secure authorisation for smart replacement intake and distribution of valuable equipment replacements and necessary new numbers that workers need to stay fruitful.

Lock options
  • Pad lock
  • Numeric lock
  • NFC lock
  • Rod
  • Hook
  • Label holder
  • Additional shelf

Staff lockers

Providing lockers for employees to store their personal belongings reduces clutter from the workspace and keeps items safe and secure.

Staff Lockers
No. of doors Door height Door width
1 5'8'' 1'
2 3' 1'
3 2' 1'
4 5'8'' 1'
5 3' 1'

Mobile lockers

Define the work culture in your company by using lockers specifically to keep mobile phones, wallets, keys. Using a mobile locker helps in reducing distraction during work and having control over what's happening in your work environment. Maximise your storage space by choosing the right solution for the appropriate requirement.

Mobile Lockers
Door height Door width
5" 5"
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